Built on guiding principles, core values...and a rhino.

We're unapologetically authentic, guided by principles, and aligned to a set of unbreakable core values.
A man riding a rhino

Guiding principles and core values that lit the fire

Together, they form a moral compass.


Staying true to ourselves, and not giving in to external influences.


Empowering people to make choices aligned with their values.


Remaining open-minded, and intellectually curious.


Staying sincere and honest about intentions and capabilities.


Welcoming and helpful through guidance and encouragement.

A campfire story

Every brand has a story, but this one is personal.

Feeling lost after corporate burnout, a coaching program focused on intrinsic values illuminated my path and made me realize that I guided the way for others.

This led to "The glow from a campfire off the path less traveled," symbolizing the warmth, connection, and unity missing in my previous life. It celebrates the symbolism of a campfire: a beacon of togetherness in a world that often values numbers over people.

Campfire Glow embodies this ethos and lights the path toward optimizing and enhancing websites for service-based business owners who don't have the time, knowledge, or patience for web design.

A man standing next to a walrus

What is
Campfire Glow?

We light up the web by making WordPress sites glow.

Hola, I'm Jared, an honest and perceptive, down-to-earth, blazing-fast, creative dot connector driven by intellectual curiosity.  After 20+ years of design, marketing, and management experience, I took the path less traveled toward entrepreneurship.

As a wildly imaginative creative, helping service-based brands with website enhancements fuels my fire.

The mission

Help service-based businesses across America get the attention they deserve.

Every day, brands are suffering from a lack of visibility which leads to a lack of trust which leads to a lack of leads generated.

Campfire Glow lights the path less traveled to help brands eliminate web design pain.

A man standing next to a walrus

Why no-code, and what makes us so different? 

We know your website isn't just another URL.

It's the heart of your brand.
It's the foundation for online presence.
It's the main touchpoint for engagement.

How are we qualified?

We don't just make websites pretty. After decades of working in digital design at SaaS startups and enterprises, and leading UX teams, the accumulation of knowledge has stacked up.

- AI
- UI
- UX
- Design
- Usability
- Branding
- UX writing
- Copywriting
- Accessibility

"If you are looking for help with website design, we would strongly recommend Jared Williams.  

Our daughter needed help updating/fixing her website so it displayed properly on a phone and desktop. I tried to do it myself in WordPress but it wasn't intuitive.

I spent countless hours trying to figure it out but got nowhere except being completely frustrated.

Then I came across Jared after seeing him recommended by a community member.  He not only made the website work on mobile devices, but he beautified the site with a clean and modern look. Plus, he made us a guide so we can manage it ourselves. He gave us multiple options and reasonable prices for his work.

I'd highly recommend Jared to anyone looking to build a new website or update their website."

~ Angela and Sam Eberts, https://graceeberts.com

Why small and medium-sized service-based businesses?

Having worked in the 2nd largest media and communication company in the world, the coldness of corporate wasn't appealing. When reflecting on startup life, it was the causal and intimate environments that were enjoyable.

Service-based businesses are unique and interesting to us. They're typically personalized through customization and they're relationship-driven. They make a difference within local communities and we like that.