A website without eyeballs on it does diddly squat.

If you want more traffic on your website it's gotta be fast, accessible, displaying properly, and findable with SEO or it's going to get penalized by algorithms and underperform.

You'd improve the site yourself, but...

It's not intuitive how to do it.
Accessibility isn't familiar to you.
Edits take longer than expected.
Your updates made the site slow.
Organic SEO makes you feel lost.
Semantic markup seems confusing.
Metas and alt text are mysterious.
It's more work than you have time for.

It's not your fault, but here's some things to know:

of consumers will disregard a business entirely if they can't find it online.
of consumers judge a business's credibility based on the design of the website.
of people will stop engaging with a website if they think it's poorly designed.
of users won't recommend a business if the experience on mobile is unpleasant.
of websites don’t comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).
of consumers will leave your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds for it to load.

The alternative for you is a healthy, fast, accessible, and findable website.

Clean-up and enhancements that improve site health.
Performance optimizations that make your site faster.
Organic SEO that makes your site more findable.
Content that's more accessible to people with disabilities.
Design that reflects your brand and the quality of its service.
Structure, flow, clarity, and CTAs that direct action.
We know how frustrating, time-consuming, and unintuitive web design can be.  It's like a puzzle, maze, and a game of whack-a-mole combined.

Instead of tearing out your hair and spending countless hours online learning how to do it all yourself, you could spend that time with your family and friends.  

Our specialty is WordPress and Webflow, and we work in other no-code platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Jimdo.
See how your web pages perform by scanning them with the PageSpeed Insights tool.


"He not only made the website work on mobile devices, but he beautified the site with a clean and modern look. Plus, he made us a guide so we can manage it ourselves."

Angela Eberts

Alumni Engagement and Fundraising for Duke University
"Jared is a standout talent. He has a combination of skills I rarely see which allows him to excel at both graphic design and UI/UX design."

Andrew Slater

Lead software engineer at Salesforce
“Jared's work was truly impressive; he not only created visually appealing designs but also excelled in communication with stakeholders.”

Anthony Garret

Director of Software Engineering
“While a very capable writer and gifted graphic designer, Jared's strongest talent is his ability to empathize with users and create thoughtful experiences that feel good.”

Charles Kelly

Founder at Higher Visual
“He is unusually talented and has an exceptional creative gift that shows through his work. If you have the privilege of working with him it will be an experience you will remember!”

Michael Morelli

National Sign Programs
“He truly goes the extra mile for each task that he takes on and is very open to feedback on his work.”

Becky Juda

Senior Agile Delivery Manager, Developer Experience


Before the facelift, there was tons of center-justified content, giant walls of text, little to no visuals, slow performance, missing alt text on all images, inadequate contrast, no prominent call to action, broken links, pages that were unintentionally published and crawlable by search engines, articles as PDFs in Dropbox, and meta descriptions that were missing, outdated, or duplicated. The mobile navigation displayed black text on a nearly black backgroun making it nearly impossible to use.

Screens of a client website prior to a facelift that optimized the design, performance, and experience.


After the facelift, performance improvements were made across all pages, the accessibility rating improved, and CTAs were added to each page to drive a specific action. The articles that were originally PDFs were removed and published on the site, meta descriptions were unique to each page, and we wrote alt text for 188 images.

Visit The Solutions Group website
Screens of a client website featuring the new design and layouts after the website facelift.

Recent facelift

Grace is a copywriter and communications specialist who wanted to send potential employers to her site. But her site wasn't displaying properly, the content was being cut off, the design was outdated, and WordPress wasn't intuitive to her.

We redesigned the site to give it a fresh look, fixed contrast issues, made it display properly across all devices, and created a site management guide.

Visit Grace's portfolio website
A collage of website screens from graceeberts.com designed by Campfire Glow.
Make your website healthy, findable, and performing the way it needs to.

How it works

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We have a discussion about your business, customers, and goals.
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The website is scanned, audited, and a report is created.
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You decide which work gets done according to your budget.

You want to be found online and get more eyes on your website.

To do that, you need healthy core web vitals. Your website needs to be fast, accessible, follow best practices, and SEO optimized.

Website platforms make it simpler to build a site, but web design knowledge is needed.

Most sites have inaccessible content, unoptimized images, missing meta descriptions and alt text, and libraries and style sheets that aren't minified.

It hurts your site's visibility.
And it makes the site slow.
But you can fix that.

Let's discuss how to make your website light up the web.

Rebuild from scratch? Nope, your site just needs a facelift.

Create the right perception, optimize performance, improve experiences, and make content more accessible. We can beautify your site, too.  

What are website facelifts?

We go deep into your site to identify opportunities for enhancement and optimization with a focus on aesthetics, experience, and performance.

It's not just how your website looks, it's how well it works and performs.

What might a Facelift include?

It depends on several factors including your business, its audience, the condition of the website itself, your goals, and the amount of work needed. We review your site and then give you options to choose from.

Headers that clarify

Headers are prime real estate that provides context, clarify purpose, and grab attention.

Strategic layout

Reorganize and cluster related content. It might be highlighting your unique value proposition, or placing testimonials and endorsements front and center for instant credibility.

Responsive enhancements

Your site needs to display flawlessly across all devices, from desktops to smartphones to enhance the user experience and accessibility.

Sticky or fixed navigation

Improve user experience and wayfinding with a navigation bar that's always within reach to eliminate unnecessary scrolling.

Information architecture

While not always needed, it can significantly improve the user experience by organizing, structuring, and labeling content effectively. This lets users find information and navigate the site effortlessly.

Images and graphics

Break up text with meaningful visuals to make your content more digestible, scannable, and engaging.

Optimized readability

Adjust text width boxes and alignment for optimal readability so your message is effortlessly absorbed by visitors.

Communication paths

Implement a dedicated contact page and a scheduling tool like Calendly to make it easy for visitors to connect and engage with you.

Content optimization

This can range from making content flow naturally or adding content such as a video sales letter (VSL), a limited-time offer, a lead magnet, or publishing a blog to offset the costs of your PPC campaigns with organic SEO initiatives.


We'll scan your site and make accessibility enhancements such as color changes, increasing contrast, adequate font sizes, using fonts that are better for readability, and allowing users to zoom. It helps make your site meet ethical standards and opens your business to a wider audience.

A screenshot of customer testimonial taken from Nextdoor.com
Ready for a facelift?
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We're not just about making your site look pretty, we're about making it work for you AND your audience.
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